St George’s Hospital began life in the 1770s as a ‘hospital for the poor sick’ in a Regency period building at Hyde Park Corner. In 1973, when construction began at Hyde Park, St George's Hospital was relocated to Tooting, London SW17.

sir-henry-hoare.jpgSt George's Hospital was originally established by a group of philanthropists led by Sir Henry Hoare. Charitable funds have been a part of St George's history ever since.

When the NHS was created in 1948, St George’s, like most large hospitals in the country, converted its charitable funds into a trust which was controlled by the Board of Governors and was used to provide services, facilities and research that the newly formed NHS was unable to provide.

In 1974, the Governors relinquished control over the charitable funds and passed them over to a Committee made up of doctors, senior nurses and staff who became the Special Trustees.

In 2001 a new charity was formed as St George’s Charitable Foundation, later changed to St George’s Hospital Charity as we are known today.

In the period since our formation, St George’s Hospital Charity has expended some £30 million of charitable funds on a variety of projects both large and small.

Since 2014 the charity is also responsible for the charitable funds relating to Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton and the Wandsworth Community Funds reflecting a much broader remit encompassing much of south west London.

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Circa 1776

St George's Hospital 1776

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St George's Hospital 1836

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