Finance & Operations

Christopher Chikwendu, Finance and Systems Manager

Chris takes care of the financial, accounting and operational aspects of the charity, carrying out the vital behind-the-scenes work that keeps the whole operation running smoothly.


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Esther Adesanya, Senior Finance Assistant

Esther is a Senior Finance Assistant responsible for the day-to-day management of accounts payable transactions and staff claim reimbursements. She loves working at St George’s because of the patient care provided to enhance and improve family experience while in hospital.

Saima Iqbal, Finance Assistant

Saima works in the Finance department of St Georges Charity Trust as a Finance Assistant. Saima enjoys working here as everyone is very friendly, helpful and respectful. She is proud to be a part of St Georges Charity, because we all work hard to make a difference for the patients and staff to help make it a better hospital.

Julia Gladwin, Operations & Systems Implementation Project Manager

Julia is an Operations & Systems implementation Project Manager and as a part of her job she makes sure that the processes within the charity are streamlined and efficient. She loves working for St Georges Hospital charity as nothing else gives you a better sense of achievement than seeing the difference the Charity makes in patients’ and NHS workers lives.

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Helena Hodges, HR Manager

Helena is an experienced HR professional and enjoys her role providing HR support to St George’s Hospital Charity. She draws on lots of experience working in the charity sector and in her spare time is also a volunteer providing career coaching support on two mentoring programmes.

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