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50 Champions secured, 50 more to go - will you be one of them?

Give £5,000 or more to the appeal
Pledge to give £5,000 by the end of the year
Raise £5,000 throughout the year

With thanks to all of our champions, who have collectively raised over over £250,000


Dylan Davies and Family

“In the short time we were in the PICU, they became like family and we will never be able to thank them enough.”

"This is for Dylan's legacy."


Marmalade Schools

"We are supporting St George's because we have a little girl at one of the Marmalade nurseries who was treated in the paediatric ward."


Starbucks, south west London

"We are so happy to be a Champion for this appeal, our customers love to support this beautiful cause."


Peter Reed

"There are no words that can fully comprehend the gratitude my family have for the NHS from start to finish."

Randi Weaver May 2022.jpg

Randi Weaver

"As a former patient now fully recovered from a serious illness, I am a regular and enthusiastic supporter of the Charity."

Becky_President_signing_Champions_pledge (1).jpg

SU Sabbatical Team 2021/2022

"We are all really excited to be the first of the Charity’s Champions and we are looking forward to working with the

Charity team over the next year to support this worthwhile campaign. We will be asking our clubs and societies to come up with some fun and interesting fundraising activities."

20211022_080151 (2).jpg

Broomwood Hall

“One of Broomwood Hall's family’s youngest was diagnosed with a Wilm’s Tumour, Stage 4 (kidney cancer) in March 2020. She was cared for fantastically at

St George's and is now all clear, as her family know from experience, their paediatric facilities are very poor having been designed 50 years ago and this is why we are supporting this appeal."

A server at Peabody's (1).jpg


"Peabodys has been with St Georges for many years and has seen how hard it is for the staff and patients alike. We thoroughly believe in this hospital 

and love to be able to support the Charity in raising the vital funds needed. It is our pleasure to pledge to raise 5k over this year! "


Chris & the LGIM Asset Allocation Team

"We hope our contribution can change lives and help more children and parents who go

through the ordeal of possibly life-threatening diseases."

£2_pia_deal (1).png

Sorsi e Morsi

"Like the rest of the NHS, St George's is an absolutely incredible organisation.

All we have to do if we need fixing is to get down there and they do the rest. St George's Hospital, "we love you."

Amerjit Chohan.jpg

Amerjit Chohan

"I'm so inspired by the staff here at St George's Hospital, both at our PICU centre and also our wards, they do amazing jobs everyday.

My task of jumping out of a plane is relatively easy compared to what they do so the reason that I am doing this is because of their inspiration to me.'

Cycle-athon 2.jpg

Primark Tooting

"St Georges is a local charity it does a lot for our community and Primark Tooting wanted to give something back."


Jacqueline Totterdell

“I’m incredibly proud of St George’s – our staff work amazingly hard, sometimes in the most difficult of times, and I want to give something

back by supporting the Time for a Change Appeal.”

help transform children's services at st george's

Our children and their loved ones deserve the best environment to match our world-renowned outstanding care and support. But we need your help.

Join our team of growing Time for a Change Champions and help to support children’s services at St George’s. By 2024 our 100 champions will have raised over half a million pounds and you can be a part of it.

Anyone can be a champion- individuals, community groups, schools, businesses, we want YOU to support us in our mission.

You can become a Champion by:

  • Giving now. Give £5,000 or more to the Appeal. (If you are able to Gift Aid you can give £4,000 and the Government will provide the rest)
  • Giving later. Pledge to give £5,000 through instalments.
  • Fundraising. Raise £5,000.

Once committed, our Fundraising team will be there to support you in achieving something incredible.

We have 50 champions secured and 50 more to go- will you be one of them?

Together, we can deliver world-class facilities to give our children, parents, and carers a better experience in hospital.

It’s Time for a Change.

I pledge to be a champion...


By submitting this form, you agree and consent to St George’s Hospital Charity using the personal data and information you provide to get in touch with further details about your pledge to be a Time for a Change Champion.

Who can become a champion?

Anyone and everyone!

You can sign up as an individual, family, group of friends, community group, office, or school, we want YOU to join us in raising funds to transform children’s services at St George’s.

How long will my welcome pack take to arrive?

Please allow 14 days after you sign up for your welcome pack to be delivered, we can send a digital version in the meantime if you do want to get started sooner you just need to drop us an email.

What happens if I don’t hit the £5,000 pledge target by April 2024?

We ask that you try your best to raise the £5,000 pledged by April 2024 and of course, it’s important to remember our Fundraising Team will be here to support you along the way.

However, if you don’t quite manage to get there then that is fine, you can continue fundraising into 2024 and we still hugely appreciate your efforts!

How does my fundraising get to you?

You can get your fundraising to us in a number of ways:

  • JustGiving – Fundraising via JustGiving is quick and simple and a really great way to track how much you have raised and easily share the link with your friends and family. Once you set up your page, there is nothing more to do but start getting those donations in, our Fundraising Team will ensure all your donations come straight through to the Time for a Change Appeal.
  • Cheque – You can send a cheque payable to St George’s Hospital Charity with a note detailing your information and that the donation is in relation to our Time for a Change Appeal.

  • Cash – Should you raise any funds using your collection tins, buckets or collecting any cash, we can count and bank this on your behalf. Just contact us to organise a time to bring in the donations.

  • Online – You can donate online by following the link to pay in your fundraising. Please select Children's Service and enter Champions into the 'Why are you donating box'.

  • Bank Transfer – We can provide you with bank details and a unique reference code to transfer money from your bank into ours. Email us to arrange a bank transfer.

What is the money I raise supporting?

The money you raise is going to support our St George’s £5m Children’s Appeal, It’s Time For a Change, which aims to contribute towards transforming Children’s Services at St George’s.

You can read more about it here.

What do I get when I become a champion?

Once you pledge, you will receive a Champion Pack full of information, fundraising ideas and tips and extras to keep you motivated. We can also send you a digital version of this pack if you want to share it around with others, just ask!

How will I be supported throughout?

We will provide 1 on 1 support throughout your time as a Champion, helping you with any questions you have and providing you with ideas on how you can raise funds. In addition, there will be a regular newsletter going out to all of our Champions, as well as organising adhoc events throughout the year to get everyone together to celebrate your support.

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The Charity aims to raise £5m in support of transforming children’s services at St George’s Hospital. The joint intention of the Trust and the Charity is that funds generated by the Charity will contribute to the refurbishment of Nicholls and Pinckney wards. Through this Appeal, there is a small chance that we will raise more money than we need. If this happens, or if for any unforeseen reason we are unable to proceed as originally intended with the projects outlined, gifts will be used to support other projects that benefit children’s services.