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Company Fundraising

Company Fundraising

We know that every current, and potential, corporate partner has different motivations for supporting St George’s Hospital Charity. Whether it’s because you are part of our local community and would like to give something back, or perhaps the hospital has personally touched the life of a colleague or contact, or maybe you’d simply would like to support an incredible hospital which offers care to around 3.5 million people from across south west London and as far away Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and Hampshire.

We are able to tailor our partnership to meet your needs and deliver the impact we know is so important to you.

Creating a partnership which works for you

Our Corporate Fundraising team have extensive experience of building and delivering partnerships which fully meet the needs of the business. We can work with you to create partnerships which can:

  • grow profile and enhance reputation
  • help meet your CSR objectives
  • drive sales and improve cash flow
  • boost staff morale and help with staff retention
  • create opportunities for team integration and add to your corporate culture
  • give back to the local community within which we are based

Together we will identify your priorities and address these on a case by case basis.

Ensuring sure the partnership means something

St George’s Hospital Charity funds items which are over and above what the NHS would provide and because of the extensive range of services delivered at the Hospitals, we are able to channel the money you raise into a project which means something to your business, your colleagues or your customers. From individual wards, to specific pieces of equipment; from departments such as neurosciences, cardiac, cancer, paediatrics or major trauma, to the extensive Arts and therapies programmes. Wherever you would like your money to go we can identify a matching project.

Not your regular ‘off the shelf’ partnership

One size doesn’t fit all, so we won’t present you with a standard calendar of activity. We will however consider your business, the working patterns of your staff, the corporate culture and any historic fundraising activity which has or hasn’t worked. We’ve got years of experience in generating ideas which work for clients and can bring these all to the table. We have a range of sporting occasions which employees can take part in, from cycling to running and challenge events, however we will also look outside of these to ensure we are promoting activities which your employees will get the most out of and therefore fundraise enthusiastically for.

Bringing the partnership to life

We are hugely proud of our Hospital and the work the charity does to support the patients, staff and physical buildings, and there is little we enjoy more than helping supporters to really understand how every penny they raise is helping. We will bring the partnership to life. Through materials, case studies, tours of the hospital site, access to medical staff and impact reports at agreed stages - we will help your staff and customers feel the value of their support.

We would be thrilled to talk in person about how we could work together, so please do get in touch with Lisa Condon at lisa.condon@stgeorges.nhs.uk or call 020 8725 1348.

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