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Children's Appeal

Children's Appeal

The Children's Appeal aims to raise £500,000 by 2020 to provide additional medical equipment, research into pregnancy, better spaces to aid recovery, new staff to deliver specialist play therapy, access to communication aids, family support, and a range of child-friendly activities to brighten long and unfamiliar days in hospital.

St George’s Hospital, Queen Mary’s Hospital and community services in south west London play a key part in the lives of our young people. Those who do come to the hospitals, or are looked after in the community, benefit from a wide array of specialist staff.

Every team that supports children at the hospitals and in the community is listed below, and your support means the charity can ensure that your donations are assigned to the most urgent needs in the children’s/paediatric departments.

The charity receives requests for items that are ‘over and above’ what can normally be provided and examples of the current wishlist are detailed below:-

Respiratory Equipment £75,000

* A flexible bronchoscope
* A structured plethysmograph
* A portable spirometer
* A cough assist device
* A breathing support machine for Paediatric Intensive Care

Frederick Hewitt Ward enhancements £75,000

The wide range of services for children at St George's means that child patients staying in 'Freddie' will be all ages and with sometimes complex needs. The chance to revitalise and refresh the wards to make it feel more like a young person-friendly space means we need to invest in changing the current environment in a major way to help children recover.

Transforming the Family Hub £25,000

St. George's has a strong record in educating parents before their child is born, often pointing out warning signs that have led to lives being saved thanks to the power of information. Normal births are relatively routine, though more complex issues are brought to the attention of parents in the Family Hub which we need to upgrade and convert so we can help more families.

Wi-Fi, electronic tablets, games £7,000

Young patients are curious about the world and wish to stay in touch with friends and family. Having Wi-Fi is a big part of keeping in contact. So many of our young patients use electronic devices that we cannot currently let every child access a tablet.

Ambulatory video telemetry for the Paediatric Neurology Service £25,000

Our paediatric neurologists would like to achieve an earlier diagnosis of potential epilepsy. Currently patients are monitored in a ward bed and have to be monitored by a nurse but this equipment can operate at home and provide readings for assessment, thus avoiding hospital stays. It is very popular with patients as a result.

It will allow more patients to be monitored away from hospital, positively impacting on the waiting lists to see consultants. This equipment will improve patient experience and fits in well with the wider national strategy of providing care closer to home and in the community.

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Paediatric transcutaneous monitor £8,495

Our paediatric respiratory team will be able to offer sleep studies test much sooner and more reliably with a new monitor as the sleep study tests are vital for patients with respiratory problems. This equipment allows the team to monitor vital signs of sensitive patients with reliable, smart and intuitive technology.

With transcutaneous monitoring, clinicians can easily keep track of the oxygenation and ventilation status in sensitive patients and react immediately, should any changes in these occur.

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An aEEG monitor for Paediatric Intensive Care £29,000

Neuro-monitoring in the form of continuous amplitude integrated EEG (aEEG) has been shown to improve outcomes in neonates and is now recommended by the ESICM (European Society of Intensive Care Medicine) for adults, American Clinical Neurophysiology Society and also accepted as standard of care by UK Paediatric Intensive Care Society.

Continuous Amplitude Integrated EEG (aEEG) Monitoring is designed to assist clinicians when children are admitted to Paediatric Intensive Care with severe neurological insult and who are at risk of seizures. The aim is to monitor the cerebral function continuously in real time of children with severe neurological insult (traumatic brain injury, hypoxic brain injury, refractory status epilepticus and complex seizure disorders needing PICU admission for intravenous anticonvulsant medications). This will enable clinicians to identify seizure activity in these children early and treat them appropriately.

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Play materials - everything from 50p to £50

The play rooms on the paediatric wards are a wonderful place where patients, parents/carers and siblings can enjoy some time away from the ward. The fun of activities, materials and equipment can bring pleasure to all ages. Your gift can support the patient's desire to express themselves and have some fun. From art and craft materials, Xbox games, jigsaw puzzles, small world play, musical instruments, sensory equipment, DVD’s and board games, we  can make a child or young person’s stay in hospital much more pleasurable.

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Parrotplus system

The Audiology Department at St George’s offers Paediatric audiology service to children aging from 0 to 18 years.  The department is part of National Newborn Hearing Screening Programme, which aims to identify children with permanent childhood hearing impairment as early as possible. 

We would like to purchase a piece of equipment called Parrotplus - an automated speech test system which will help us to improve the evaluation of our hearing aid fittings, with help of age appropriate automated speech tests.

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Other items on our wishlist include items for our Playroom and Adolescent Room:

  • Three display boards - £210
  • A lockable cupboard - £288
  • Two tables - £400
  • Ten chairs - £150
  • Two large bean bags - £180
  • Room divider - £3239
  • Soft play and ball pool area - £500
  • Freestanding fun unit with sensory wall panels, game station and LED wall bubble  - £7912
  • Toys, activities and games - £400
  • Sofa - £400
  • TV - £350
  • Display boards - £140
  • Beanbag £89
  • Ipod docking station and speakers - £35
  • XBox and TV - £600
  • Magazine rack - £20

If you'd like to fundraise specifically for one of the above items, please contact giving@stgeorges.nhs.uk


Any sums raised over the £500,000 Appeal target will be used to support other children's projects (fetal, maternal, paediatric) that are identified as priorities by the charity and agreed by the charity's independent trustees.

 To support the whole Children's Appeal you can:

 Donate now

Or text SGHC03 followed by £3 to 70070

The Appeal is an ongoing appeal, seeking to raise funds for the purposes defined and other items that may be added subsequently. New requests for equipment, facilities, research, support and urgent needs are being constantly identified. Materials and public-facing media such as website and social media will be updated with new items the charity wishes to support.

Toys for Children

The fantastic staff of St George's Play Team and the Dragon Centre are always looking for new toys and books for children and young people.

The books and toys will be used in the Dragon Centre (our children's outpatients department) to help keep children entertained whilst they're waiting to see a doctor, nurse or specialist. They'll also be used by our Play Team to help ensure children and young peoples stay in hospital will be as fun and entertaining as it can be, helping create a warm and welcoming environment.

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