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Children's Appeal

Children's Appeal

The Children's Appeal aims to raise £500,000 by 2020 to provide additional medical equipment, research into pregnancy, better spaces to aid recovery, new staff to deliver specialist play therapy, access to communication aids, family support, and a range of child-friendly activities to brighten long and unfamiliar days in hospital.

St George’s Hospital, Queen Mary’s Hospital and community services in south west London play a key part in the lives of our young people. Those who do come to the hospitals, or are looked after in the community, benefit from a wide array of specialist staff.

Every team that supports children at the hospitals and in the community is listed below, and your support means the charity can ensure that your donations are assigned to the most urgent needs in the children’s/paediatric departments.

The charity receives requests for items that are ‘over and above’ what can normally be provided and examples of the current wishlist are detailed below:-

Dietary Support Worker £15,000

A role to support children who cannot always eat at scheduled meal times to receive the high quality nutrition they need whilst receiving treatment.

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Freddie Hewitt ward redesign £150,000

This busy ward has fantastic staff and provides wonderful care, though the general decoration lacks vibrancy. We are raising funds to add design elements to the ward to make it child-friendly and to make it feel less clinical.

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Paediatric Neurosciences £10,000

The work of the paediatric neuroscience specialists is well supported, though we are currently looking to fund the installation of some hoists so that patients can be lifted from low-profile beds that are close to the ground and moved, for example to a specialist wheelchair. Having such hoists means staff and patients have much easier movement from bed to chair, shower, or to the outside world.

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Paediatric Radiology area refresh £10,000

The charity has already made a great impact in the area where children wait with their families for an ultrasound scan. This can be a nervous time and the addition of TVs and wall designs has added some improvement. We would like to make the whole area even more friendly and welcoming with TVs, wall designs and distractional play activities.

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TVs in children's areas £15,000

TV programmes can be a very welcome distraction for children and families when spending large amounts of time in hospital. TV is also helpful in creating a familiar routine, much like the one at home. We would like to add TVs where there are currently none in the children’s areas and replace some that are too hard to view. We can also provide smaller TVs close to individual beds.

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20 tablets and devices £6,000

Tablets and devices allow children to explore their own learning needs, contact friends, access educational material, or speak to relatives remotely. We know this makes a positive impact on their hospital stays.

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Electronic games and devices £7,000

Video games and hand-held electronic devises are very popular with our young people and offer patients a great way to pass the time. Always very much in demand!

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Paediatric Flexible Bronchoscope Olympus 4.0mm £30,000

Bronchoscopy is a useful test that enables us to look in to the lungs with a camera. It can help to diagnose and sometimes treat conditions of the airways and lungs. It is also performed in paediatric intensive care where an airway is blocked – so it’s a vital piece of equipment to help our patients get the best medical support.

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Maternity Hub project £15,000

Preparing soon-to-be parents for the arrival of a child is incredibly important, but currently takes place in a space not designed for the purpose. The charity wants to make the maternity education space really special, enabling those attending to have the very best preparation and experience possible. 

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Family support for relatives of patients in paediatric in –patients £20,000

For many families the costs of travel and food are prohibitive when coming from far away. We want to remove the anxiety of not being able to see a sick child just because of the cost of travel, and help families in need feed themselves during lengthy stays in hospital.

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Research (non-invasive detection of anaemia in  pregnancy) £25,000

Our talented fetal medicine team know there are techniques that can help mothers with anaemia be managed well. Research provides the evidence needed to change practices in the clinics.

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Equipment for research projects £4,000

We wish to fund the testing of new equipment for the fetal medicine team to help make pregnancy as safe as possible and to change clinical practice where evidence is produced.

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Christmas event £3,000

Each year the charity supports a children’s party with a delicious spread of food, drinks, an entertainer, a DJ and plenty of fun. If you have to be in hospital at Christmas there’s no better way to pass the time. Your help in supporting Christmas activities will mean so much to lots of young patients.

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Paediatric transcutaneous monitor £8,495

Our paediatric respiratory team will be able to offer sleep studies tests much sooner and more reliably with a new monitor. During transcutaneous monitoring, clinicians can easily keep track of the oxygenation and ventilation status in sensitive patients and react immediately, should any changes in these occur. This is vital for patients with respiratory problems.

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Play materials - everything from 50p to £50

The play rooms on the paediatric wards are a wonderful place where patients, parents/carers and siblings can enjoy some time away from the ward. The fun of activities, materials and equipment can bring pleasure to all ages. Your gift can support the patient's desire to express themselves and have some fun. We supply everything from art and craft materials, Xbox games, jigsaw puzzles, small world play, musical instruments, sensory equipment, DVD’s and board games.

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If you'd like to fundraise specifically for one of the above items, please contact giving@stgeorges.nhs.uk

Any sums raised over the £500,000 Appeal target will be used to support other children's projects (fetal, maternal, paediatric) that are identified as priorities by the charity and agreed by the charity's independent trustees.


To support the whole Children's Appeal you can:

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The Appeal is an ongoing appeal, seeking to raise funds for the purposes defined and other items that may be added subsequently. New requests for equipment, facilities, research, support and urgent needs are being constantly identified. Materials and public-facing media such as website and social media will be updated with new items the charity wishes to support.

Toys for Children

The fantastic staff of St George's Play Team and the Dragon Centre are always looking for new toys and books for children and young people.

The books and toys will be used in the Dragon Centre (our children's outpatients department) to help keep children entertained whilst they're waiting to see a doctor, nurse or specialist. They'll also be used by our Play Team to help ensure children and young peoples stay in hospital will be as fun and entertaining as it can be, helping create a warm and welcoming environment.

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