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Covid Appeal

Covid Appeal

Once again, St Georges needs your support.

Our Hospitals are under an unprecedented amount of pressure as new Covid patients are admitted daily. Numbers have already exceeded the first wave.

The number of Covid-19 cases is rising in our community and our hospitals and staff are under pressure. We urge you again to support St Georges Covid Appeal.

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, our NHS staff have worked tirelessly, day in day out, to provide patients with the care they need. It is no surprise that our staff are tired, fatigued, overwhelmed which is why we need your support more than ever. We want to be there for them - and our most vulnerable patients.

As the official NHS charity, we are working closely with St Georges to keep up with the current situation, their needs and how we can help. With your support we will continue to provide our amazing staff with Wellbeing Boxes on a weekly basis, we will also fund additional iPads for patients so they can stay in contact with their loved ones, we will also provide fresh fruit to staff and so much more.

Please donate today and show your support for St Georges at this crucial time.

Your donations have already made a huge difference to our hospitals and will continue to do so.

Thank You.

Donate to our Covid Appeal:

Donate Here


For any appeal we are supporting, there is a small chance that we will raise more money than we need. If this happens, or if for any unforeseen reason we are unable to proceed as originally intended, your gift will be put towards our Thank You Appeal where it will ensure any urgent needs of our hospitals are addressed quickly, helping to secure items that are ‘over and above’ what is normally provided. Thank you. 

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