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St George's Covid Appeal

St George's Covid Appeal
Thanks to your amazing support, we have been able to make such a difference in helping patients, their families and the incredible staff who have been working under extreme pressure and the impact of Covid-19.
We are grateful for the outpouring of love and donations from our community which enabled us to raise an over £1million for our Coronavirus Appeal. Those funds allowed us to respond to the urgent needs of the hospital in many ways including the following:
We’ve provided over 150 iPads – allowing patients not able to receive visitors the chance to see and talk to their loved ones; and allowing clinicians to offer virtual consultations to patients to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital.

We’ve opened 5 wellbeing hubs across the Hospital, giving tired staff the chance to rest and relax during or at the end of a long shift. Katherine in A&E said “Having a relaxing place to go on break has been so uplifting during difficult times.”

We’ve provided all wards with a patient supplies box, regularly stocked with snacks, toiletries and arts activities so that the little comforts normally brought in by their visitors are still available.

We distributed over 10,000 individual Staff Care Packages throughout 2020 and delivered over 1,500 Staff Wellbeing Boxes to Wards and Departments during the second peak of the virus in 2021. These packages were full of small gestures of kindness including snacks, drinks, toiletries and pick-me-ups. We know these care packages have made a huge difference.
Suhaylah from the Renal department said “We have all been feeling the pressure of the pandemic and I wanted to say thank you for making us feel valued as I have personally seen the positivity that the Staff Wellbeing Boxes and Care Packages bring.”

We continue to support our Vaccine Clinic with items such as thousands of charity pens to save the need to share and help reduce the spread of the virus as well as some radios to entertain people waiting to receive their vaccine.

Whilst the number of Covid admissions is decreasing and the vaccination programme means that there is light at the end of the tunnel, our staff are physically and emotionally exhausted, and these pressures will continue for the foreseeable future.
Should you want to continue to support our staff, patients and their families with the impacts of Covid-19, we would ask you support our Thank You Appeal which ensures we can continue to address the urgent needs of the hospital.

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