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Relatives Accommodation

Relatives Accommodation

Our Relatives Accommodation Appeal provides emergency hotel accommodation  for relatives of patients at St George’s and Queen Mary’s hospitals in south London when they need to be close at hand unexpectedly.

When patients are rushed to hospital and a relative accompanies them, it is a common occurrence that the relative arrives without anywhere to stay. 

We would like to give families the reassurance of being a stone’s throw away from either St George’s Hospital or Queen Mary’s Hospital and to be available as the patient receives emergency or critical care.  Without this accommodation, families could have to choose between staying through the night with a gravely ill patient or having to return home. Providing accommodation for next of kin will help to alleviate some of the emotional, practical and financial strains during a very difficult time and keep a relative close at hand.

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The Relatives Accommodation Appeal aims to raise funds for the urgent needs of relatives needing  accommodation at St George’s Hospital and Queen Mary’s Hospital under exceptional circumstances. In the event that more funds are raised for the identified projects, the charity will apply donations for future stays by relatives.   

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