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Therapy Appeal

Therapy Appeal

Our Therapy Appeal provides unique and important equipment and facilities for medical staff and patients.

From speech and language, physical rehabilitation, trips and falls prevention, occupational therapy, stroke therapy, neurosurgery therapies, massage therapy, and more, the Appeal funds therapy equipment and services to benefit patients at St George’s and Queen Mary’s hospitals in south London and in the community.

Things like a yoga mat at £20, a massage session at £40, or one-to-one bedside music for a long stay patient for £50 – our Appeal focuses on anything that is ‘over and above’ normal provision that can help our amazing teams help even more patients.

Here are some of the areas we'd like to support:

Speech and Language 

Working with patients who have speech, language or voice problems, and helping those who have difficulty feeding and swallowing.

The Speech and Language Therapy department at the Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Centre provides intensive therapy to support those with changes to their communication due to neurological conditions such as stroke or traumatic brain injuries.

£4,893 will help to fund a ceiling mounted video camera system.

The use of video within therapy sessions allows the team toassess a patient’s performance in real life situations (such as having a conversation with a relative) and then monitor patient progress across time.  Videos also give patients the opportunity to self-review and improve tasks within sessions, increasing their ability to control and manage their own rehabilitation. 

This piece of equipment would allow the team to improve the picture and audio quality, making them more accessible for more patients.  It would also allow them to include the use of video in group therapy sessions.

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 Occupational Therapy

Providing rehabilitation, helping patients to gain new skills or adapt existing ones.

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Physiotherapy – Musculoskeletal Therapy Centre

Treating varying conditions to do with muscle, joint, soft tissue,  and movement.

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Trauma and orthopaedic physiotherapy and occupational therapy

The treatment of patients who have had a traumatic accident or incident or those who will undergo surgery.

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Head Injuries Therapy

Based in Atkinson Morley Regional Neurosciences Centre, specialists in assessment and the rehabilitation process of patients.

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Hyper-acute and Acute Stroke Therapy

Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy for people who have had a stroke.

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Neurology Therapies

Providing specialist consultation services with medical, surgical, respiratory therapists on non-neurology adult wards.

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Neurosurgery Therapies

Specialists in the assessment and treatment of neurosurgical conditions, providing ‘back on track’ education programmes to patients pre- surgery.

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Massage Therapies

St George’s Hospital Charity supports people who need to dialyse by aiming to enhance the dialysis experience beyond that of a life-giving procedure. £6000 will support 150 hours of massage a year at Colliers Wood, North Wandsworth and Champneys Ward.

We also want to offer a wide range of massage therapies to patients across both hospitals - including cancer patients.

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 To support the whole Therapy Appeal you can:

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Text THER70 followed by £5 to 70070


The Therapy Appeal aims to raise funds for the identified projects as well as the general and urgent needs of the therapy teams at St George’s Hospital and Queen Mary’s Hospital. In the event that more funds are raised for the identified projects, the charity will apply donations for other identified and urgently needed projects for the appeal. Undefined gifts made for the benefit of the Therapy Appeal at the hospitals will be assigned to the most urgent needs as identified by the charity and applied to those purposes.



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