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Books Beyond Words - Empowering people through pictures

Books Beyond Words - Empowering people through pictures

Many of us take for granted our ability to communicate and understand our world. However, for the 1.5 million people with a learning disability in the UK the barriers to communication can be immense. Without access to information to help make sense of life, people can be left feeling overlooked and isolated, putting their wellbeing, health and happiness at risk.

But you can help…

By donating to Beyond Words you can help people with learning disability and communication difficulties to understand their world. The 42 books from the Books Beyond Words series use pictures to tell stories that engage and empower people on themes such as love and relationships, health, death and dying, and crime. They are also a tool for professionals to use with people in many different teaching and counselling situations.

Your donation will help to expand and purchase books for our books clubs, develop new books or eBooks, and to help support people with a learning disability take part in mentoring, training and advocacy roles.

Learn more by going to www.booksbeyondwords.co.uk or by following us on Twitter, Facebook or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

“The Books Beyond Words series has established the highest reputation for tackling complex and difficult issues, clearly, compassionately and with considerable skill.”Mencap

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