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Cardiac Catheter Labs

Cardiac Catheter Labs

The Cardiac Catheter Laboratories based at St George's Hospital provide valuable diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic intervention for patients with known or suspected heart disease.

How does the Cardiac Catheter Labs make a difference at St George's?

The Cardiac Catheter Labs perform a variety of potentially life-saving procedures, these include emergency treatments during heart attacks through to preventative procedures. Many patients attend as day cases, which avoids an overnight hospital stay.

 The Cardiac Catheter Labs perform:

  •  Diagnostic coronary procedures
  • Coronary interventions – balloon angioplasties and stents
  • Pacemaker and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator procedures. (This involves the insertion of an electronic device just below the collarbone to help regulate potentially slow and life-threatening electrical beats of the heart.)
  • Ablation procedures, which can provide treatment of abnormal electrical signals of the heart. 

How does our charitable fund make a real difference to patients? 

This fund exists to support patients and staff of the Cardiac Catheter Labs at St George’s Hospital. Charity funds are used for purchases that are over and above what is covered by the NHS.

There are plans to refurbish the labs in the next 3 years to make the unit a more pleasant and efficient environment for patients and staff. The unit hope to raise funds for additional furnishings and up to date electrical equipment/systems that is not covered by the NHS budget, to give the best possible care to patients. 

Cardiac Cath Labs

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