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Cardiothoracic Research

Cardiothoracic Research

How does the Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Fund make a difference at St George’s?

The research team, led by Professor Marjan Jahangiri (Professor of Cardiac Surgery) at St George’s Hospital, University of London, provides valuable and clinically relevant research in different aspects of heart disease. The team regularly publishes their results in peer-reviewed medical journals and present their findings at national and international conferences.

This charitable fund allows the team to support research and remain at the forefront of knowledge.

How does the charitable fund make a real difference to patients?

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Fund aims to support a dedicated team who investigate cardiac disorders. The projects being undertaken aim to bring about a better understanding of:-

  • The use of different surgical techniques to avoid damage to the brain
  • Diseases of the aortic valve and aorta, in particular formation of aneurysms
  • Improving surgical techniques by innovating and adopting minimally invasive techniques, aiming to improve patients recovery and quality of life
  • Minimising neurological damage after heart surgery

 Cardiothoracic research plays a vital role in the increased understanding and learning of cardiac disorders and this all takes place at a single site for research and surgery at St George’s Hospital and St George’s University, London.


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