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Carmen Suite

Carmen Suite

This fund supports a midwifery led birth centre at St George's Hospital. The Carmen suite is a relaxed environment for mums-to-be and their partners.

Every year, 5000 babies are born at the hospital, and many are born in this ward. All women at the hospital have the option of accessing this midwifery led service.

If the pregnancy is complicated, there will be a plan in place with the midwife. As the suite is part of the maternity unit, the mother can be transferred to an obstetrics team if further medical intervention is needed.

Midwives of all levels of experience and skills lead this ward and are led by an consultant midwife. The ward sees many women have a healthy birth and go home very soon afterwards.

This video offers more information about the Carmen Suite.

 As you can see, Carmen is a calm, nice and homely place in a hospital. The sisters hope to make the experience of giving birth as easy as possible. Evidence shows that a calm environment helps release natural endorphins that ease the pain of giving birth.

With the popularity of shows such as One Born Every Minute and Call the Midwife, the experience of giving birth is no longer as frightening and unknown as it used to be.

Carmen suite is often called by staff and patients a home from home.

Mums-to-be benefit from the excellent facilities of en-suite rooms and birthing pools.

Your donation can help provide extra amenities such as a dock for iPods so that the parents to be can have a playlist to accompany the birth. As no labour is predictable, this can help ease the wait for the new arrival.

Every small donation is much appreciated as these extras transform the experience for every patient.

Help us reach our fundraising target of £500.

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Fund target £500


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