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Neuro ICU

Neuro ICU

The Neuro Intensive Care Unit cares for seriously ill patients with conditions like head and spinal injuries, haemorrhages and strokes, brain tumours, infections, and other diseases of the nervous system. We use advanced monitoring, supportive technology, and complex treatments to save lives and reduce the effects of long-term disability. We have a highly skilled team of specialist doctors, nurses and therapists who have chosen to work with patients and their families at the most terrible time of their lives.

The charitable fund makes a huge difference to patients and relatives. It allows us to provide things that aren't covered by the NHS budget - things that make a difference to the way we care for the people who need us.

In the last year the fund paid for a specialist exercise machine which recovering patients can use in bed to keep their joints flexible and to build up their muscle strength. The fund also provided a breathing machine that helps patients who need long term support to become more independent and mobile. This year we are refurbishing our visitors’ room with the help of a generous donation from a former patient’s family.

Our work is highly specialised and donations also help us provide additional educational resources and opportunities for our staff including conferences on Intensive Care, traumatic brain injuries, and strokes.

Thank you for your support.


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