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Organ Donation

Organ Donation

Lives can be truly transformed with organ donation. Please support the medical team at St George's Hospital to continue their work and support more families.

To help our organ donation service further, you can donate to help those living with a successful transplant and provide extra equipment, research or extra training for staff to help more patients and families.

The charitable fund makes a difference to patients by helping celebrate those who donated organs.

More than 154 lives have been transformed thanks to donors and their families consenting to organ donation after their passing at St Georges.

To pay tribute to these life-saving donors, a special memorial ‘Tree of Life’ was unveiled in October 2014 in the Atkinson Morley wing.

The tree is a permanent reminder of the donor's selfless gift and provides a place to honour them. Families can now engrave a leaf with their own personal message and place this onto a branch of the tree in remembrance of their loved one.

The Tree of Life ceremony will take place each year.

The leaves that we engrave for families will be funded by the organ donation fund at St Georges Hospital Charity. Funds held by the charity have been raised from sponsored charity cycle events and donations by the families themselves.

Gordon Turpie of the donor coordination service said: "Three people a day die whilst waiting for a transplant and it is only through the courageous acts of people like this that those waiting have hope. This tree will serve as a reminder to us all of their gift."

Please donate online to support activities in equipment, research, hospitality and training.

If you are interested in signing up to become an organ donor, please sign up on the Organ Donation Register. The medical team set up this fund to support this vital service.


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