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Pinckney Ward

Pinckney Ward

This charitable fund helps children who are staying on Pinckney Ward to have the little extras such as birthday presents, cards and cakes for patients who are staying at St George's Hospital in one of the paediatrics wards.

It's the small touches that help patients feel special and recognised on their special day. Birthday presents and cards help make patients feel better while being in hospital.

This charitable fund also allows us to support nursing and support staff with some small extras like refreshments and team days, all of which help the team support our patients.

£5 could provide a small gift for a child whilst in hospital, and £20 could help us make a child patient feel better on a special occasion. Thank you for your support.

Here at St George’s we have a Team of Health Play Specialists who provide therapeutic and specialized play for children coming into hospital. Pinckney Ward has one Health Play Specialist available during the week.

Why have play in hospital?

Being in hospital can be a frightening experience for all. Not only is a child/young person away from home, but also away from their usual environment, family and friends. There can be unfamiliar sounds, smells, equipment and people. The play service is a team of people who can help to make your stay much more enjoyable and help you to cope and understand different procedures which you may be experiencing. They can provide help, support and advice which can be reassuring.

Why is Play important?

Play in hospital is very important as it can help a child or young person to understand about what is going to happen to them. It can help to alleviate any fears, anxieties and misconceptions a child may be experiencing and help to ease pain from evasive procedures.

What does the Health Play Specialist do?

The Health Play Specialist provides preparation and distraction for children and young people coming into hospital to help to give them a greater experience and help to cope with future admissions if needed.

                                  Patient on Pinckney enjoying a bakery activity with Hazel, one of the play specialists

 Above: One of the patients from Pinckney Ward enjoying a baking activity with Hazel, one of the play specialists

£1000 is our target for fundraising
This will help give a great birthday experience to every patient staying in Pinckney Ward over the year.

Fund target £1000


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