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Queen Mary's Hospital Archive & Museum Group

Queen Mary's Hospital Archive & Museum Group

The mission of the Group is to maintain awareness of the hospital’s distinguished history for 3 main reasons; therapy for current patients, preservation of our heritage and engaging the local community.

While much of the QMH historic archive is deposited at national institutions such as The Science Museum, The London Metropolitan Archive and The Wellcome Trust we maintain records of where all is kept and continue to add to the archives. In 2008-11 we created an Oral History Collection funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We continue the process of digitisation and facilitate its availability to the public. We are frequently asked for assistance by the public, by academics and film companies .

In 2010 we opened a small museum in the Douglas Bader Reception area of the hospital and have mounted 2 exhibitions. Visitor surveys confirm the help they are to current amputees and their families.

A new and expanded exhibition is planned to celebrate the QMH Centenary next year

The Group’s activities are largely conducted by volunteers but it is necessary to have a presence at QMH and this requires outside funding.

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