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Patient social activity fund for patients to The Wolfson Neuro Rehabilitation Centre

The Wolfson is a thirty six bed unit which provides intensive rehabilitation to people with neurological impairment, predominantly acquired brain injury.  

People are admitted to the unit for in the region of three months, most from the acute hospital beds. They work with the rehabilitation team on a daily basis to achieve their goals to return to a level of independence that others take for granted. Individuals are frequently hospitalised for months and experience lifelong changes to their physical and cognitive abilities.

The opportunities to access entertainment, to go out and experience some normality and light relief from disability are limited due to lack of funds and volunteers and is not provided by the health service, though the hospital charity's remit to 'enhance the patient experience' is the reason this has been created.

Keeping patients motivated and happy in long-term rehabilitation makes a crucial  difference to peoples' hospital stay.

A donation of £20 would allow a patient to have an outing, making a difference during their stay with our neurology specialists.

All donations go towards the rehabilitation of our patients

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