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William Drummond Ward

William Drummond Ward

The Stroke service is for inpatients and outpatient services for those who have had a stroke or who are suspected of having had one. It is part of the neurology department at St George’s Hospital and is one of eight specialist stroke centres in London, so William Drummond Ward is a key part of supporting stroke patients.

William Drummond Ward

The charitable fund helps to support staff and patients by providing additional facilities, equipment or training to continually enhance the excellence of care. This can be for new items for the ward or staff attending medical conferences to broaden their expertise. The fund is intended to support the welfare of everyone on William Drummond.

Time is the most important thing in a stroke. Once the blood supply is suddenly reduced, the brain is attacked. The damage and destruction can be massive if the reaction is not F.A.S.T. Please remember if you see any of these symptoms in yourself or others to call 999.

For further information please see the dedicated stroke website developed by the unit staff and patients who have recovered from a stroke: www.strokecare.org.uk

William Drummond Ward

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