Can you hear the faint clatter of teacups across the nation? Water on the boil? That’s because the NHS Big Tea 2022 is here.

And we’d absolutely love you to be part of our brew crew.

As new research reveals 78% of people living in London believe the NHS still needs our support and 62% feel staff are undervalued by society, St George’s Hospital Charity is encouraging people living in Wandsworth to help the NHS go further by taking part in the annual NHS Big Tea.

On July Tuesday 5 July, host an NHS Big Tea party and raise funds to help St George’s Hospital Charity provide support to patients, their families and the staff who care for them.

You can host your tea party on the 5th of July (the NHS’s birthday) or whenever, wherever suits you. As well as raising funds, hosting a tea party is a great way of bringing your friends, family and colleagues together, and catching up over a cuppa can brighten anyone’s day.

You’ll be joining the nation as thousands of events are held and millions of tea bags squeezed in homes, schools, workplaces, community centres, church halls and hospitals. We are encouraging St George’s Staff and our local Wandsworth communities to get involved- every cuppa makes a difference.



How do I sign up to be a part of the day?

All you need to do is let us know you want to take part. Once you have received your NHS Big Tea pack you can start fundraising! Do let us know the time of your tea party as we would love to come and visit.

What is included as part of the pack?
  • Some NHS Big Tea Balloons
  • Collection tin to secure those pennies and pounds
  • Template posters to advertise your fundraising
  • Fundraising ideas
  • FAQ’s
  • Donation form when you are ready to pay in your fundraising


How do I raise funds by hosting an NHS Big Tea Party?

We suggest that everyone who takes part makes a donation of £1, but there are plenty of other ways you can fundraise too. Why not take a look at our fundraising ideas sheet as part of your pack to help you. You’ll find ideas such as holding a raffle, hosting a bake off, sweepstakes and more. 

Do I have to hold my NHS Big Tea Party on Tuesday 5 July?

No, the NHS’ birthday is on the 5 July however we understand that this might not work with your team. There are lots of fun events for St George’s Arts Week taking place during the week of 4-9 July so maybe your party will coincide with a fringe event.

Can I get involved if I am not a member of NHS staff or a patient?

Of course, the more the merrier!

How do I pay in my fundraising afterwards?

The best thing to do is get in touch with the fundraising team. There are plenty of ways you can pay in your fundraising including giving us the cash, paying in a cheque and transferring us the money. You can also set up a JustGiving page, then all your fundraising will come directly to the charity.

What if I don’t hear from the Fundraising team?

A member of the fundraising team will be in touch with you within two working days of registering your party. If you do not hear from them, please email