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Gifts of Shares

Gifts of Shares

If you decide to donate some shares to St George’s Hospital Charity, do let us know that you are intending to do so. This will enable us to make the necessary arrangements for your gift and help the transferral go as smoothly as possible.

To transfer the shares in paper form (certificates), the process is as follows:

1) You obtain a stock transfer form from the Registrar.

2) Fill out and sign the form. (You can see a sample transfer form here)

3) Return the completed form to the Registrar of Shares with original Share Certificate.

4) The Charity will receive a new Share Certificate in their name.

If your stocks are held electronically, in either a Corporate Nominee Account (administered by the Registrar) or a Stockbrokers Nominee Account (administered by a Stockbroker), you will have to contact the Nominee in order to check their precise requirements for transferring the shares.

You must keep a dated copy of the transfer form and correspondence with St George’s Hospital Charity to establish the value of the shares when they were transferred, so you can claim the tax relief

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