“It is a horrible, tired building but it is absolutely the best place for clinical care. If something goes wrong, there is nowhere else I would rather my children be.”

Few know better as Strahan Wilson and his family about why this appeal is so important. Strahan’s eldest daughter, Izzy, spent nine weeks on one of our children’s wards in 2019 following complications from leukaemia. She died on our PICU days after Christmas the same year.

“When Izzy was first admitted, she was concentrating on surviving so was oblivious to the condition of the ward. It was only as she started to improve, that she became conscious of how bad things were. She loved the nurses, she really enjoyed their company and the care was exceptional but she would say 'this is just awful. There’s nothing for me to do.' It was mind-numbingly dull for her and kids her age.

"For us, it was physically demanding and stressful being there for so long. The bed was practical but uncomfortable with bedding that didn’t fit. It was noisy. Better designed wards would just make it easier for everyone to cope.”

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The Charity aims to raise £5m in support of transforming children’s services at St George’s Hospital. The joint intention of the Trust and the Charity is that funds generated by the Charity will contribute to the expansion of PICU and its associated family spaces, along with the refurbishment of Nicholls, Pinckney and Frederick Hewitt wards. Through this Appeal, there is a small chance that we will raise more money than we need. If this happens, or if for any unforeseen reason we are unable to proceed as originally intended with the projects outlined, gifts will be used to support other projects that benefit children’s services.