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Bob's Story

Bob's Story

Bob, 88, renal patient

Bob is 88 years of age and has been married for 66 years – he met his wife while they were still at school. He has 3 grandchildren, the eldest is 32 and the youngest is just over a year. Around 7 years ago Bob noticed he was getting more tired and put it down to his age.

Bob says:

“I have a bridge near my house and I was getting out of breath going over it. I thought maybe I had a heart problem, or indigestion, and to be honest I didn’t take much notice. I went for tests and for a long time they were unsure what was wrong.”

“Prior to all of this I was fit and healthy and loved playing football with my grandchildren.”

“Eventually I ended up here on the renal wards because the problem was with my kidneys.”

“I started on peritoneal dialysis and had this for 3 years. I developed peritonitis three times so they decided I needed to come here and have haemodialysis. I feel so much better after, not straight after, the next morning you feel better off for it.”

 “I only live 10 minutes away which makes a massive difference. I have great family support and great neighbours. My wife is 89, we have been married 66 years; we knew each other from school. My wife wants to come in with me; she was up 5-6 weeks ago as I had forgotten my lunch and she said ‘you can’t go without your lunch’. She got a taxi up. She looks after me well, both her and the nurses fuss over me.”

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