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Samuel's Story

Samuel's Story

Samuel, 71, renal patient

Three years ago in October, Samuel started feeling funny, and eventually collapsed. It turned out he had sepsis, high blood pressure and suffered a heart attack. That’s when he lost a lot of his kidney function.

Samuel says:

“When it went; it went with a bang. They brought me back three times. I didn’t think it would affect me like this. I pulled through and now I’m on dialysis. I’m grateful to be alive.”

“Prior to all these problems I worked a lot, I still do little bits but nothing serious. I have had haemo and peritoneal dialysis, but that didn’t work, so now its cannulation, I’ve had that for three months now.”

“Immediately after dialysis it’s a bit hard but when you wake up the next day you feel good. I live with my wife and she looks after me. I might be having a transplant, I have been through everything, all the tests, and had my heart looked at again. I’m currently waiting to hear from the surgeons, a family member is going to donate.”

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