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Lalaine's Story

Lalaine's Story

Lalaine, Senior Sister, St George's Dialysis Unit                           

Lalaine (in red) has worked in the renal unit for over 18 years. Starting as a junior nurse, she is now the renal unit manager. She is very passionate about her role and enjoys the comradery of the ward as well as the respect and support from consultants and managers. Once a person is diagnosed with renal failure, they are a patient for life. Lalaine has been seeing some of the patients in the unit for many years.

Lalaine says:

“The unit feels like our own little tiny place with patients that grow to feel like family”.

“We do all we can to provide a safe treatment in a substandard unit, but it’s just not fit for purpose. The environment needs to look clean and feel organised. Currently it feels informal and dark and cluttered. There is no entertainment for patients; areas are used to store multiple pieces of equipment; the service feels fragmented.”

“Moving to the Courtyard Clinic would provide more access to treat more patients. We have a large catchment area and patient needs will continue to grow. This re-development would enable us to provide education to patients on better self-management including the importance of attending dialysis, life beyond dialysis, and support for coming to terms with the impact of their illness.”

“It will also centralise services to include transplantation; dialysis; outpatient peritoneal dialysis; general nephrology clinics; assessments of patients for surgery; follow ups  and any assessment for renal.”

‘It will enable me to be fully present in what I do and less conscious of delivering treatment in a less than ideal environment.”

 “We need a new place that is fit for purpose to deliver safe outstanding care.”

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