Artwork of the Month: Stacked Boxes by Juliette van Rhyn

17 August 2021
Stacked Boxes (725x515).png

St George's Hospital Charity Artwork of the Month: Stacked Boxes by Juliette van Rhyn.

For August, we have selected a new artwork titled 'Stacked Boxes' by Juliette van Rhyn, a London-based textile and graphic designer and founder of Studio Shimo. Juliet recently donated three of her works to St George's Hospital Charity on account of her appreciation for the outstanding care her mother received at St George’s Hospital, ‘Stacked Boxes’ is displayed in the Rose Centre alongside ‘Vase & Bowl’, another artwork by Juliette.

About the artwork

In this A2 sized glicee print, the artist uses geometric shapes to offer a glimpse into a fictional sculptor's studio, full of found objects, including boxes, vases and delicate foliage. The careful spacing of the objects invites the viewer to follow the lines of the piece and discover the identity of each shape and the connection between them.

When speaking with our arts team, Juliette shared that the print is inspired by Korean Chaekgeori paintings. This style of painting emerged in Korea during the 18th Century, and can be translated as ‘books and things’, a form of still life imagery. Often featuring books, the genre celebrated the influx of literature and learning in Korea at this time. The distinctive still life compositions are intended to evoke a sense of balance between playfulness and calm: a theme which is reflected in the colourful palette of pastel and darker tones found in this work.

Juliette van Rhyn - Stacked Boxes.jpg
Stacked Boxes, Juliette van Rhyn, 2021, Giclee Print, 59.4 (h) x 42 (w) cm

About the artist

Studio Shimo is a creative project by Juliette van Rhyn. Inspired by a long walk through Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa neighbourhood in 2019, Juliette decided to create a brand with the same feelings of warmth and nostalgia she felt in the vintage shops and record cafes there. Studio Shimo’s motto is ‘A Bright Life’, and the work reflects this gentle, positive approach to design and living. 

This is just one of over 800 works of art that make up our hospital art collection. The artworks on public display around the hospital create spaces that are engaging, welcoming and compassionate.

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