Award winning theatre company visits St George’s

20 February 2020
Little Angel Theatre bedside performance - young boy plays with light box.jpg

This month award winning theatre company Little Angel Theatre visited our children's inpatient wards and transported patients to a fantasy world far from the hospital.

‘If Not Here…where?’ is a portable puppet show created especially for children and young people in hospital. The performances were brought to our paediatric wards by the Charity's arts team.

"We're passionate about bringing creativity and expression to our wards and these performances gave young inpatients an exciting theatrical experience right by their bedsides!" said Helena Copsey, our Arts Manager.

The show follows the journey of a central character into a series of different dreamlike places. The children who took part helped the character make choices throughout the performance using a touchscreen tablet. The story allowed those in the audience to imaginatively escape the clinical environment and explore a magical world far from the walls of the hospital.

Performances and opportunities for creativity can make a massive difference to entertain and distract children in hospital, especially those who are admitted for long stretches of time. St George’s Arts were thrilled to be able to partner with the Play Team on this project and have lots more exciting ideas for our wards throughout the year.

Families and staff told us that the performances really made a difference to their time in hospital:

“She hasn’t smiled like that in a while - you’ve really lifted our spirits”
Parent, Nicholls Ward

“Giving children in hospital choices is so empowering”
Play Specialist

‘If Not Here…where?’ was produced by Little Angel Theatre in partnership with GOSH Arts and was inspired by stories and ideas from children and young people at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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