Champions Spotlight: Broomwood Hall School

15 July 2022
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We are so incredibly happy that Broomwood Hall School has been supporting our Time for a Change appeal as Champions over the past year.

As well as building and sustaining a long-term relationship with children in Ethiopia via the Northwood African Education Foundation (NAEF), Broomwood Hall also supports a local charity each year which is chosen by the children from a shortlist drawn up by the PA of each site.

To qualify it must be local or have some connection with the school, something the children can relate to, or perhaps even become involved in (not possible this year because of Covid) and the charity must also be willing to come to the school to make presentations and give information to the children. 

At the start of their school term in 2021, St George’s Hospital Charity’s £5m Children’s Appeal – It’s Time for a Change was put forward as one of their pupils’ sister, Florie, was diagnosed with a Wilm’s Tumour, Stage 4 (kidney cancer) in March 2020 when she was just 2 years old and was cared for fantastically at St George’s Hospital. The school are also very local to the hospital, with many of the pupils being born and cared for at St George’s over the years, so we were lucky enough to be voted as their charity of the year.

The school have held numerous fundraising events across the year so far to raise a phenomenal £24k, to be split between St George’s Hospital Charity and NAEF, with one term still to go!

This has included several bake sales, including one led by Dads, book sales, movie nights, an Easter readathon, designing Christmas cards to sell and a Mufti day coming up at the end of the year. There has been a lot of variety and something for everyone with their fundraising events but the bake sales are always the favourite with the children. Ishbel, one of the pupils said, ‘I love eating the yummy cakes at break time which also raises money for our local hospital-it and has helped my family so much!’

Parents have also been massively involved in fundraising efforts, hosting an incredible Auction and Wine Tasting evening, a Christmas Gift Fair selling Broomwood merchandise and a Summer Soiree which raised a phenomenal amount!

They have truly exceeded their target as a Champion and we cannot thank them enough for their support of this cause and can’t wait to see the final total they raise!

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