Charity Grant Increases Specialist Seating Capacity for Older Patients by 50%

06 September 2023

The Charity has funded new specialist seating for older patients admitted to the senior health wards at St George’s Hospital.

Patients in the Heberden Ward, Dalby Ward, and Cavell Ward will benefit from the addition of two new supportive chairs, funded by a St George’s Hospital Charity grant. The new supportive chairs are more advanced and will not only increase capacity but will be used with patients that may need additional adjustments to fit their body type.

Charitable funds previously provided four HydroTilt chairs for the senior health wards, which have received positive feedback, from staff, patients and their families. The Charity recently awarded a further grant to provide specialist seating for cardiac patients, after staff observed the benefits to older patients.

The HydroTilt chairs, which have a recliner function, have been credited with helping early mobilisation of patients in the senior health wards at St George’s. However, the wards have seen an increase in patients that require specialist seating and with the country’s ageing population the demand will continue. Which is why the Charity awarded a grant to help fund the purchase of two new supportive chairs which will help staff in the senior health wards meet demand.

The new chairs are more advanced than the HydroTilt models; they have drop down armrests – which can help staff transfer patients in and out of the chairs in addition to the ability to change the width and depth of the chair. This means senior health ward staff can adjust the chair to fit the needs of the patient, ensuring that patients with a wider range of body types can now benefit from supportive seating.

Specialist supportive seating is essential for senior healthcare. Increasing capacity and extended accessibility for patients with more advanced needs will not only help staff with early mobilisation but may also prevent deconditioning in patients unable to use the current HydroTilt models.

Vivien Gunn, Head of Grants at St George’s Hospital Charity, said: “We are delighted to hear of the impact specialist seating has had on older patients being treated at St George’s Hospital.

“The Charity exists to enable St George’s Trust to provide better care so we are pleased to award additional grants so that more patients may benefit from supportive seating including cardiac patients.”

It’s only thanks to the generosity of our donors, and the efforts of our fundraisers that the Charity can make an impact through grant-making. The Charity welcomes all staff at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to apply for grants. If you’re a member of Trust staff you can find out more about our grant-making here.

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