Charity Grants Helps Fund a New Garden for the Rose Centre

21 September 2023
Rose Centre Garden Image.jpg

A Charity grant has helped transform the space behind the Rose Centre into a welcoming and pleasant space for staff working in the centre.

Using funds awarded to the team at the Rose Centre by NHSEI and a Charity grant, John Greco, Head Gardener at St George’s, and his team were able to create a new garden for staff in the Rose Centre to take their breaks.

The space was previously used as storage and wasn’t a welcoming environment for staff to spend their breaks in.


The Rose Centre, which is home to home to South-West London Breast Screening Service and St George’s National Breast Screening Training Centre, has a staff room with a maximum capacity of eight. So, the new garden now provides an extra private outdoor space for staff to use.

Letitia Adamah-Miles, Deputy Education Manager, said: “We now have this lovely garden.

“Before it was just an area of storage for the Trust. There were portacabins here and a lot of rubble and things.

“Our staff room is quite small, so it's meant that we can now have an extra space to relax and enjoy.

“A huge thank you to all the supporters of Charity that have made this happen, it has made a huge difference to our team so thank you.”

Vivien Gunn, Head of Grants for St George’s Hospital Charity, said: “It’s great to hear of the difference we have made to the wellbeing of staff working in the Rose Centre.

“It’s a great addition to the numerous wonderful gardens around the St George’s Hospital site.”

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