Charity Provides Grant for CNS Teams’ Office Refurbishment

13 October 2023
Lanesborough Wing.jpeg

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Teams at St George’s Hospital have benefited significantly from an office refurbishment which was supported by a grant from St George’s Hospital Charity.

Due to a larger project in the St James’ Wing of St George’s Hospital a new home for the Head and Neck CNS Team and the Urology CNS Team was needed. The office move created an opportunity for the Trust and the Charity to collaborate to provide a better working environment for the CNS teams. 

The new office space, located in the Lanesborough Wing, has benefited the CNS teams significantly. They now have more space and properly set up desks, which has created a more comfortable environment space for staff. 

This has enabled the CNS teams to be more productive in terms of contacting patients to complete holistic assessments and getting back to people in a timely way. Patients have also benefitted as access to specialist nursing via remote means is easier. 

Catherine Lyons, Lead Head and Neck CNS, said: “Moving to the new office has given us a much-improved working environment. Because the renovation and workstations were set up prior to the move, the transition from one office to the other has had minimal impact on our ability to continue working as normal.  

“The benching and seating are much more comfortable and ergonomically correct in comparison to the previous office space and environment.” 

Rebecca Clay, Grants Officer, at St George’s Hospital Charity, commented: “I’m glad to hear that the office refurbishment has not only provided a benefit to the CNS Teams who now occupy the space, but that it has also allowed to be more productive, and improve the level of care they offer to patients.” 

Joanne Woodman, Assistant Director of Capital Projects at St George’s Trust, added: “This is a perfect example of the Charity and Capital Projects Team collaborating to create a better working environment for clinical staff within the hospital. I’m delighted to hear of the potential benefits to patients that the new office will have.” 

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