Chris & LGIM Asset Allocation Sign Up to be a Time for a Change Champion

22 July 2022
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Chris, with great involvement and support from his team at work, has become a Champion for our Time for a Change Appeal as his daughter received care in St George’s Hospital Children’s Wards in 2020. Read their story below…

Chris’ daughter, Skye, was born at the beginning of 2020. Despite a dramatic arrival, she was otherwise healthy. By day two she was home with her older brother and sister. At four days old she stopped breathing, went blue and limp. Her parents managed to resuscitate her and soon she was in A&E. Over the next few days Skye became increasingly lethargic, waking for just a couple of minutes each day and repeatedly falling unconscious.

As her condition continued to deteriorate, she was moved to intensive care at one week old. She was diagnosed with viral meningitis, and with the right support to aid her fight she started to get better. As the outlook began to look hopeful, further tests revealed the damage the virus had caused to her body. Amongst other things, she was diagnosed with myocarditis – an inflammation of the heart, with a very high mortality rate in infants.

Skye was transferred to a specialist cardiac centre where she was put on medication that eased the burden on her heart to give it an opportunity to recover. She continued to fight hard, eventually staying awake for 30 minutes or more.

In her first three months she visited seven hospitals and had numerous tests but continued to get better and was discharged home. Skye is now turning two, she is happy, healthy, and extremely cheeky. She continues to go back to hospital regularly for check-ups and will be under observation until she is 18.

Skye’s life was saved in crucial moments: the rapid response of the paramedic team, an A&E doctor unwilling to give up on her despite it being hours after the end of his shift, and the specialist care of the hospitals she visited.

We hope we can make a few lives better and support the great work of St George’s Hospital. 

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