Charity Funded Coffee Clubs Help Bring a Sense of Normality to Patients

14 September 2023
Coffee Club Image.jpg

St George's Hospital Charity is proud to share the success story of our recently funded initiative, the Coffee Club. An initiative that has provided patients with a sense of community and camaraderie.

Led by Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist, Su-Lin Yii, the Coffee Club was established to offer patients the opportunity to practice their all-important rehab and get a break from their hospital routine. Through the distribution of vouchers for use at Costa and Ingredients, patients can step outside their ward environment, practice the skills needed to place their orders, and a cup of coffee or tea in a more relaxed setting.

Before the Coffee Club's inception, the benefits of leaving the ward were recognised but not fully facilitated within a group setting. This project fills that gap, offering peer support and promoting overall wellbeing among patients.

For patients, the Coffee Club represents a welcome escape from the confines of the ward. It offers them the opportunity to re-build their skills and participate in an everyday task that many of us take for granted. Yii writes: “The grant has exceeded our expectations in terms of response from patients, who have consistently rated improvements in mood, relaxation and comfort with peers and staff members.

“The effects of this group were boosted by the presence of a volunteer, Georgie, who had recovered and been through the same process as our patients on the ward. They found it hugely inspirational to talk with someone who was further along in the journey.”

St George's Hospital Charity is proud to support initiatives like the Coffee Club that make a tangible difference in the lives of patients.

Vivien Gunn, Head of Grants, said: “It's heart-warming to read about the positive impact the Coffee Club has had on patients at St George’s.

“Well done to all involved for getting this initiative up and running.”

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