Cognitive Neurology Grant Impact: Supporting Young Onset Dementia Patients

03 September 2021
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Thanks to our incredible supporters, we’ve been able to provide annual funding towards the St George’s Young Onset Dementia Support Group!

At St George’s Hospital Charity we are proud to fund an annual grant to help support the Young Onset Dementia (YOD) support group’s vital work. The group now has roughly 300 new patients each year, highlighting how important it is that they continue to receive our funding and support.

With your donations the YOD support group have been able to offer a safe and welcoming environment to those with a diagnosis and their carers through regular bi-monthly meetings and providing useful resources including, for example, advice about counselling services. The meetings involve an informal chat, peer support and occasionally special guest appearances to provide presentations on popular topics for both those with a diagnosis and their carers.

Over the course of the pandemic, the team were able to adapt and moved their meetings online, which helped to continue to provide the support their members needed in what has been, and continues to be, a particularly challenging time for those suffering with YOD.

Big shout out to the YOD support group staff - Nikki Zimmerman and Elaine Eager - who both have a wealth of experience with Young Onset Dementia, providing the best possible post diagnostic, emotional, and practical support their members need.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to all our donors and supporters who enable projects, such as the YOD support group, to happen. Overall the support group have an overwhelming positive impact in what can be a very difficult and isolating experience for both those suffering with young onset dementia and their carers.

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