Covid 19 Grant Impact: Supporting Haematology Patients

06 May 2021
Haematology - Wheelchair - Helen Ricketts.png

Thanks to the incredible donations of our amazing supporters we were able to raise a significant amount of funds to support staff and patients throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond.


Whilst the focus of our funding last year went towards supporting staff working directly with Covid patients and in our Intensive Care Units, at St George’s Hospital Charity we recognised the importance of supporting the wider organisation whilst they were also battling with the effects of the pandemic.

One such team was the Haematology department that works across Trevor Howell, McEntee, Gordon Smith and Ruth Myles Wards. Helen Ricketts, AHP Clinical Lead for Haematology got in touch to request funding to support patients being treated at St George’s Hospital. 

She explained “The specialist tilt-in-space wheelchair is for complex seating management and will be used to support the seating requirements of patients with metastatic spinal cord compression, brain metastasis, TB spine or neurological impairments secondary to HIV.”

She went on to tell us that “patients with wheelchair needs often have limited mobility and limited ability to self-pressure relieve, putting them at high risk of pressure sores when sitting in a chair.”

We were delighted to be able to fund both pieces of equipment and have recently heard from Helen about the incredible impact they have had with two patients.

Helen said “The cushion has enabled a gentleman with a spinal injury due to cancer to be able to get out of bed and sit in a wheelchair and wheel himself around the ward and to the bathroom, it gave him back some independence.”

“The wheelchair is currently in use on one of our wards and is enabling one of our lovely ladies to be able to be hoisted out of bed. Other than not being stuck in bed constantly, it has enabled our therapy team to take her off the ward for her therapy session where she could enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, which following a long admission was a great opportunity for us to be able to support this. These pieces of equipment have been so beneficial for our patient’s psychological wellbeing, particularly in these difficult times when family and friends aren’t able to visit.”

We are so pleased to hear about the specialist equipment making such a difference to our patients. We want to extend our thanks to all our supporters who donated and raised funds to enable this to happen and to Helen and the team for their dedication to high standards of patient care.

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