Epsom Light Opera Company are putting on ‘Sing Out to Help Out’ show to say thank you to St George’s and raise money for the Central Play Team.

14 September 2021
Sophie playing pool (710x533).jpg

“This concert is dedicated to the wonderful NHS for all they have done for Sophie.”

You might remember Fundraiser, Neil Featherstone, who cycled 3,6669km to support St George’s Hospital Charity to say thank you for the care his niece Sophie received at St George’s Hospital.

Well brother Paul, Sophie’s Father, is now joining in the fundraising too to raise funds to say thank you to the Play Team who supported Sophie during her time in hospital.

Sophie was admitted to St George’s Hospital and after several weeks of treatment, surgery, and medication she began showing signs of 'Stephen Johnsons Syndrome' aka 'SJS' which is a rare, severe and life threatening reaction to a medication, suspected to have been one of the antibiotics used to fight the original infection.

Sophie spent 32 days on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and was then moved onto Pinckney Ward. Paul says: “Even though Sophie was out of PICU, there were weekly challenges we had to face, blood pressure, high potassium levels, low potassium levels, physio, various scans, liquid food, blood thinning injections and to cap it all on Christmas Day she had to undergo a minor operation to remove a large collection of fluid from around her heart.”

Paul explained: “Every week Sophie was getting a little stronger, the physio sessions were not exactly looked forward to, but necessary to get more independence back into her movement.  Now that Sophie was able to do more activities, the time spent with the Play Team was even more important. 

"Arts and craft projects kept Sophie busy in her room, then when she was strong enough for a little walk, we would go to the Play Room and play games from Frustration to Pool.”

After 88 days at St George’s, and a further 28 days at the Royal Marsden, Sophie was discharged home and although she still has many daily trips to the hospital she is enjoying having a bit of normality back!

Paul and Sophie are proud members of Epsom Light Opera Company (ELOC), and the ELOC decided that their next concert everyone was working towards should have a focus and the decision was made to raise funds for the charities of Sophie’s choice.

And so... the production ‘ELOC’s Sing Out to Help Out’ was created!

Sophie and her dad, Paul

The show is taking place on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd October 32021 at the Epsom Playhouse. Tickets are on sale now for £15 and you can book them here!

You’ll be treated to songs from Dear Evan Hansen, Waitress, Once, Les Miserables and so many more! Alternatively, you can donate directly on their fundraising page!

Paul says: “This concert is dedicated to these two amazing organisations and the wonderful NHS for all they have done for Sophie and her family. All donations here will be split equally between the two.

"Thank you for your support for ELOC, for Sophie and, most importantly, the fantastic people in these charities that support children and their families during the toughest of times.”

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