Extended funding for our Staff Bicycle User Group

10 June 2022

Our staff led and focused, St George’s Bicycle User Group (BUG) are a community of staff who are enthusiastic about cycling, the health benefits and wider environmental impact.

The group aims to encourage all forms of active transport such as cycling, walking, running, or using a scooter to help promote wellbeing for staff and to reduce the collective impact on the environment.

The main focus of the group is to address the barriers that prevent commuters from being able to travel safely to and from the workplace. 

Dave Woodruff, Staff Member and Group Lead said, “More and more staff are cycling to work. As quick as we build new bike storage facilities, they are full. This is obviously great for staff wellbeing and the environment.”

The charity’s funding aims to help keep staff moving by purchasing new bicycle pumps for around the Trust site and a tool kit to support staff where they lock their bikes, so someone could do a quick repair.  

In addition, this year we have funded an upcycling scheme. Charity funding is allowing ‘Dr Bike’ to come into the hospital and donate upcycled bikes for free to staff, helping to fund the spare parts to fix old and broken bikes.

Dave Woodruff explains, “In 2020 Dr Bike ran a scheme where they fixed up 180 bikes donated by members of the public and gave them away free to staff so they could cycle to work during the pandemic.” We look forward to increasing that number this year!

If you work at St George’s University Hospital Trust and would like to find out more about BUG email giving@stgeorges.nhs.uk for more information.

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