Fundraiser Spotlight: Amy Bolton -

08 April 2022

Amy Bolton first signed up to run the Singapore Marathon in 2019 but was unable to run on race day. In 2020 Amy tried again, this time in Brighton, this was postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

. In 2021 Amy tried again but Costochondritis [painful inflammation of the rib cartilage] prevented Amy from getting to the start line. Finally, 3 years after initially deciding to run a marathon Amy has made it to race day.

Amy is running the Brighton Marathon for St George’s Hospital Charity after her 18year old sister, Claire, suffered a seizure as she drove home from visiting her friends one night 5 years ago. In the ambulance on the way to her local hospital, Claire had numerous additional seizures and her heart stopped twice. Claire had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in her lungs) which was stopping blood from getting to her heart.  Amy & her family were told to prepare for the worst.

Amy says ‘I will never forget those words and that feeling. It's completely unimaginable to contemplate losing your little sister (or anyone in fact) so suddenly.’

After spending the Night in Frimley Park Hospital A&E and ICU Claire was moved to St George’s to be under the care of Professor Madden – the family said goodbye to Claire not knowing whether she would survive the 30-mile drive.

Three weeks later, after many ups and downs along the way for Claire, and for the family, multiple journeys to and from London, sleepless nights, trips to the hospital M&S for snacks, lots of handholding and hand-sanitising, Claire was released from the Cardiothoracic ICU on to a regular cardio ward and a week after that – only two days before Christmas – Claire was allowed home.

Today, Claire is perfectly healthy and has completed her master's at Bath university, something that never would have been possible without St George's hospital. 

‘These last couple of years have shown us the importance of our beloved NHS and the hospitals that help care for our loved ones. Their fantastic work has been highlighted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but they are always needed and greatly appreciated. Claire received the absolute best care, and it is thanks to the incredible people at these two amazing hospitals that she is here today- they quite literally saved her life, and I will forever be in their debt- in particular the team in the cardiothoracic ICU. They are incredible nurses and doctors; they work relentlessly and are so amazing at what they do - the care they show their patients is second to none.’

For Amy, running the Brighton is her way of giving something back and to ‘help others who are really sick have the chance to live the life that was meant for them’.

We can’t wait to welcome Amy over the finish line and celebrate her fantastic and long-awaited achievement.

You can support Amy and say thank you to Cardiothoracic ICU here or take part in your own challenge to say thank you to an area of the hospital that you’ll be forever grateful to.





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