Fundraiser Xanthe Dawson holds ‘Tooting Grows’ plant sale for the second year in a row

19 April 2021
Xanthe Dawson Plant Sale FR.jpg

In 2020, the local Dawson family were able to raise over £2200 in aid of St George’s Hospital Charity Coronavirus Appeal by growing what seeds they had lying about, about 300 plants, to neighbours and the community and this year they are doing it again.

To brighten 2021, the Dawson family have involved other keen growers in the community to go BIGGER, BETTER and GREENER!

This weekend they have held two plant sales raising money to support St George’s Hospital Charity. The donations will support resources and improving wellbeing in the wonderful St. George's Maternity Unit who Xanthe says “help bring our newest additions into the world, support families and are a pillar of our community.”

We spoke with Xanthe about the fundraiser…

What made you choose to support St George’s, Hospital Charity?

“I am a very local resident in Tooting, and have been a patient a few times at St. Georges, my brother is a Doctor so the NHS is dear to my heart, plus having had my kids at SGH as well, I know how lovely and hard-working the staff are. I am co-chair of the Maternity Voices Partnership, a volunteer role which aims to improve the maternity experience and support the staff, so I felt that SGHC was the natural choice for fundraising.”

Why plants? What do you love about growing?

“I started the plant growing last year in lockdown as I wanted to do something at home but also give the people a bit of the joy I get from being able to grow something. I find gardening a truly brilliant hobby as it is positive, helps wellbeing and my kids can get involved. Gardens and seedlings are something that units people across all walks of life as well and I have had some great chats with neighbours about the seedlings. Everyone loves to talk about plants!”

What is your favourite plant to grow?

“Cosmos, I just love the sheer volume of flowers that a single tiny seed can make, hundreds of bee loving bright coloured flowers, perfect on the plant or for a vase. They do not fail to bring a smile to my face!”

You can donate to support Xanthe in her fundraising by visiting her page.

Thank you!

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