Jason Ross: My Experience at St. Georges Hospital Charity

29 July 2022
Jason Ross.jpg

Jason Ross is an American college student, from Chicago, studying marketing at Purdue University in Indiana. Part of his course requires students to go on a placement within a work environment to help prepare them for the workplace.

“I had the pleasure and privilege of working as the Communications and Marketing intern at St. George’s Hospital Charity from May 2022 to July 2022 through the Foundation of International Education (FIE).

“It was a blast getting to know all of my co-workers in the Charity and learning about their lives and how genuine and passionate they are for their work at this Hospital Charity.

“I undertook many different tasks at the charity which included looking through the social media comments and engagement and replying to them (community management), writing important grants for the website, assisting with social media posts for Arts Week, creating a brand-new content calendar for the charity’s different teams to ensure all corporate content and comms were better planned and aligned.

“I also worked closely with and enjoyed helping Anil, my supervisor and mentor, who gave me a number of my own projects to lead on. I loved seeing and meeting the incredible staff at St George’s, who were all inspiring and motivating in the way they delivered fantastic care and support for their patients every day.

“Knowing that I’m making a difference (albeit small) for this community, since I have never worked for a charity before, but was keen to do so this summer. Some of the stories I’ve read and heard about really hit home in a way that I wasn’t expecting, and now I find myself becoming much more charitable.

“St George’s Hospital Charity is doing brilliant work to support the amazing staff in the Trust and improve the facilities in children’s services. This was my first internship and I’ve had a truly great experience in my time here. I hope to enhance my future working career and live up to the one trait that Anil talked a lot about - integrity.

“I want to thank Anil and everybody at St. George’s Hospital Charity for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to keeping in touch."

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