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Jeanette's Story

Jeanette's Story

Jeanette, 82, renal patient

Jeanette’s journey began with high blood pressure in her mid-40s. It was diagnosed early and medicated but gradually got worse. Over time her kidney function gradually deteriorated. Jeanette has been on dialysis for the last 7 years and attends clinic 3 times per week for 4 hours. She started straight on haemodialysis as she was fearful of home dialysing.

Jeanette has been married for 63 years; she met her husband at a holiday camp when they were both 18. She has two daughters who are very supportive and live close by.

Jeanette says:

“I can’t think where all those years have gone. I have 6 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren now. They live all over, we have 4 great grandsons and 1 little girl just born in Manchester.

“My eldest daughters first husband had kidney problems and died unfortunately. When I reached 80 I was too old for a transplant as I had an arrhythmia. I feel very emotional about it – why is it happening to me, I should be enjoying my husband and grandchildren.”

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