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Our Special Collection Box Tree

8th August 2017

Here at St Georges we have a special collection box bearing tree and around this time of year is when the new collection boxes are ready to be picked and displayed in shops, restaurants, bars and offices!

Our collection box tree and its collection boxes are a significant part of what we do here at St Georges Hospital Charity. Without them it would be much more difficult to improve the patient experience in the way that we do.

The funds from our collection boxes generally go to the Better Everywhere Appeal which focuses on support to the most urgent needs of the hospital this could be in the form of medical equipment, research, facilities and much more.  

We want to go above and beyond the usual expectations of the hospital and truly enhance the patient experience however; this is not possible without the support of those willing to display our collection boxes.

This is why we ask you to display a collection box in your restaurants and bars, or take one into your office because it really does make a difference to the hospital and its patients.

You can pick up a collection box from our fundraising office and once they are full drop them back, no fuss!

If you would like to support us and get your own hand-picked collection box please get in touch with us today.

Tel: 0208 752 4522

E-mail: giving@stgeorges.nhs.uk


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