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Introducing the Forget Me Not Suite

12th September 2017

In our maternity ward there is a suite especially for bereaved parents. The Forget Me Not Suite is a private space where families can spend time together away from other parents and newborns on the ward. It’s a less clinical environment including a kitchenette and a room with sofas, cushions, and blankets to help make people feel more comfortable during times of great distress.

One of our valued supporters decided to fundraise for some extra items for the suite after they sadly experienced a bereavement. The kitchenette now has a coffee machine, and the main room now has a more effective fan that will keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter so that patients can remain comfortable on days with extreme weather.

When people think of what St George’s Hospital Charity helps to fund,  expensive pieces of medical equipment might be the first thing that springs to mind. However smaller items like the coffee machine and fan can have just as much of an impact - especially in places such as the Forget Me Not Suite where space to sit and speak with doctors or spend time with family is crucial for recovery.

We’re so grateful to the wonderful  supporter who helped us fund these items continue our work of making the experience better for patients, staff and visitors in those  places where we can add something extra.

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