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Arts St George's new exhibition

2nd October 2017

Susanna Modaresi: All around us

Ingredients Restaurant, first floor, Lanesborough Wing

2 October to 31 October

"I obtained my degree in Scientific Illustration and have always been employed using my knowledge and skills in various London Universities and scientific publishers. For the past 15 years I have worked here at St George’s in the Graphics Department as a medical illustrator and graphic designer.

"My work tends to be precise and detailed and although I do enjoy using these techniques in my own pictures, it’s liberating to try to move away completely and explore a variety of styles.

"At the moment I am having great fun producing pieces with little or no planning, allowing me a lot more freedom and expression. These paintings are much more impressionistic and are far-removed from my other tidy, intricate pieces.

 "I also have a place as an Artist-in-Residence at Battel’s Arts Café in Harrow, where several artists get together to create works for sale in the gallery there.

 "I hope to keep re-inventing my style and opening my eyes to everything around me, so as never to become bored or stale producing art and to keep fulfilling my love of painting and drawing."

Since 1990, the Arts Team at St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have curated and developed engaging exhibitions, commissions, and participatory arts programmes to enhance the wellbeing of the 3.5 million patients who visit the Trust each year.

The programme is supported by St George’s Hospital Charity.

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