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Arts St George's new exhibition

12th January 2018

Angelika Spranger: Still Waters

Ingredients Restaurant, first floor, Lanesborough Wing

16 January to 15 February

Considering the location of the exhibition and the diversity of needs of spectators, Angelika curated this solo exhibition with the intention of allowing every person to take a moment to reflect, find peace, gain strength, and ground themselves. For this purpose, she is also sharing some of her video notes making this her first multimedia exhibition. She is delighted to having been invited to show her work at St George’s and is very interested in contributing to the wellbeing of patients and visitors alike. If you vidit, Angelika invites you to let her know what you think by making a note in her book.

Angelika wants to draw attention to the beauty of nature, which surrounds us, as, often in the hectic stresses of everyday life, these intricate details are missed and the environment and the gifts it provides us with are forgotten.  There is an element of surprise in capturing a split second of nature inaccessible to the human eye as it reminds us that every moment is unique and must be valued. It is therefore crucial to pause and delve deeper into the nature around us and to really appreciate it. This is why she chooses to focus on water, the start of all life. Water is the most basic human need and yet it is wasted and underappreciated. Why not look at the space surrounding you, as it is highly likely that you will be in the presence of water; water has the power to put out flames, quench thirst, purify and heal. Perhaps you, too, will rediscover its power through this exhibition.

Since 1990, the Arts Team at St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have curated and developed engaging exhibitions, commissions, and participatory arts programmes to enhance the wellbeing of the 3.5 million patients who visit the Trust each year.

The programme is supported by St George’s Hospital Charity.

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