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Scout group raise over £900 for Young Onset Dementia Support

13th February 2018

Members of J4Y 9th Southside Explorers, a local Muslim Scout Group, have raised £926.71 for the Young Onset Dementia Support Group based at St George’s.

In the photo, Abdur-Rahman, Abdullah, and Yusuf.

                                                  In the photo, Abdur-Rahman, Abdullah, and Yusuf.

The fundraising was part of the scout’s core values surrounding their local community. In November the 14-18 year olds visited the hospital to receive a talk given by one of its facilitators about dementia and the hospital’s support group. The young adults then collected fundraising materials and divided into 4 groups. They did collections, set up JustGiving pages, and held fundraising events that they had planned themselves in order to raise as much money as possible – all whilst increasing awareness about the disease in the process.

The diagnosis of ‘Young Onset’ is given to those with dementia who are under 65 years old. Services like the one offered St George’s are vital because, even though there are an estimated 42,325 people in the UK with this condition, the support group is one of the only ones in the country. 

It is important that the group keeps running as younger people have different needs and require different support. Young Onset Dementia is especially challenging as it disrupts the lives of those who still have jobs, run businesses, have financial commitments such as mortgages, and are often still responsible for their children. They have hopes and dreams for the later years of life, which, without a cure, cannot now be realised. 

The group meets once a month and the meetings provide an opportunity for people with dementia and their family to talk about the challenges of living with the disease, share ideas, and remain up to date on practical issues and scientific developments. The meetings foster a real sense of community among people who otherwise feel very isolated.

Lizzie Wilson, Community and Events Fundraiser, said: “The Scout’s support will make a huge difference and will help to keep the group going. I hope the Explorer’s feel so proud of how hard they have worked together and the fantastic amount they have raised. We are lucky to have such wonderful young adults in our local community and we can’t thank them enough.

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