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Trustee takes part in bank holiday 10k

25th May 2018

On Monday 28 May Schellion Horn, one of the trustees of St George’s Hospital Charity, will lace up her running shoes and take part in the Vitality 10k in aid of our ‘Better Everywhere Appeal’.

The economist currently works in the NHS Director of Operations and Transformation for Healthy London Partnership, and became a trustee of the charity as it is a cause close to both heart and home. She resides in Balham with her family and both of her children were born at St George’s Hospital. She will be joined by her friend, Sian, who also gave birth to her children here.

Their support of the ‘Better Everywhere’ Appeal will help St George’s and Queen Mary’s Hospitals secure things that are over and above what is normally provided. This could be new medical equipment, facilities, research, support group funding, arts and musical therapies, and so much more.

On their shared Virgin Money Giving page the two are full of praise for those who work at St George’s. They said: “We were both provided with outstanding care from amazing, dedicated staff during pregnancy, birth and beyond.”

But for Schellion’s family that care has continued ever since as her daughter Ellie was diagnosed with a condition called Hydrops Fetalis whilst she was still in the womb when Schellion was just 28 weeks pregnant. Hydrops Fetalis is characterised by an abnormal build-up of fluid in the unborn baby’s tissues and is sadly something that many unborn babies don’t survive.

After the diagnosis Schellion spent many days at the hospital between the Fetal Medicine Unit, Cardiology Department, and the Neonatal Ward.

Ellie is now 5 years old and is living a happy and normal life – though she has had a heart condition since birth for which she still receives treatment at St George’s Hospital.

Schellion said: “Despite the poor prognosis, not once did the staff give up and we will never be able to thank them enough for our wonderful daughter and the care we have received throughout her life.”

Lizzie Wilson, Community and Events Fundraiser, said: “The fact that one of our trustees is running for our charity shows just how dedicated they are to the charity’s work. So far Sian and Schellion have raised over £1,000 – which will have a huge impact on staff and patient lives at St George’s and Queen Mary’s Hospitals. We can’t thank them enough for joining our Vitality 10k team.”

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