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Turn goals into giving!

1st June 2018

It won’t be long before football fever grips the nation. So if you were thinking of running a sweepstake why not turn goals into giving in aid of St George’s Hospital Charity? Even if you’re not a footie fan you can still take part and watch with bated breath to see how your team performs.  

We’ve made it really easy to join in the fun. All you need to do is download the two sweepstake posters below and follow the instructions.

If you prefer not to stake money on the unknown there are still plenty of things you can do. How about hosting a gathering to watch your team’s matches or the final? People could donate to come along or raise money for charity by selling tasty treats for guests to eat whilst watching the game.

You can download both parts of the sweepstake poster here:-

The first thing you’ll need to do is agree with your friends, family, teammates, or co-workers how much you will all pay to enter. Everyone has to pay the same amount. Most people prefer a sum between £1 -10. Next cut out the names of the countries taking part and get everyone to draw one from a hat. There are 32 teams taking part in this year’s football tournament, so if you don’t have that many people then 16 of you could draw two countries each, or some of you could buy more than one entry.

After that, keep a record of everyone’s team on our sweepstake poster. Why not pin it up where everyone can see it so you can see who is still in the winning?

You can follow all the matches and results over on the BBC website and download a free wall chart from this newspaper website. The final is on Sunday 15 July. Once you know the winner hand out the prizes and donate the rest to St George’s Hospital Charity! You can pay the money in on this page on our website, in person in our fundraising office, or by calling 020 8725 4522. When you make the donation – don’t forget to mention it’s from the footie!

You can choose to support our Better Everywhere Appeal which benefits the most urgent needs of St George’s or Queen Mary’s Hospitals. Or you choose to support a particular ward or cause that’s close to your heart. All donations are put towards things that are over and above what is normally provided - helping patients, relatives and staff have more of what they need when it's needed most.

There are a few last things you need to know! If you’re running a sweepstake at work, you must not ask people to take part outside of your office premises. Also everyone taking part must be in the same office as you can’t spread the sweepstake across two or more branches. Don’t forget to make it clear before you start how much everyone will pay, how much will be handed out as a prize, and how much will be given to St George’s Hospital Charity.

If you have any questions please call 020 8725 4522 or email giving@stgeorges.nhs.uk.


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