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Alex raises over £4k for people recovering from brain injuries

24th July 2018

In February 2017 Alex Gee was involved in a serious car accident in Barcelona. He suffered life-threatening injuries and underwent several operations there in order to keep him alive. He spent a month in a coma and was flown back to the UK in a medical support plane once his condition was more stable. Upon returning to England he spent 71 days in St George’s Hospital as an inpatient. Whilst he went on to make an amazing recovery he still had to come to terms with a life changing brain injury.

Injuries from this kind trauma affect all areas of life.  People struggle with doing day-to-day tasks, processing new information and have issues with memory and concentration. They are also affected by loss of language, and experience impaired insight and empathy. It can take months or even years for patients to return to work and get back to a ‘normal’ life.

The Neuro Rehab Team at Queen Mary’s Hospital are a lifeline for people with brain injuries whose world has been suddenly thrown into chaos. The team organise activities like board game evenings, cinema trips, and arts & crafts sessions that boost recovery and help patients and their families meet others and stay in a positive mind set.

After months of support from the Neuro Rehab Team Alex is now doing a phased return back to work. He decided he wanted to give something back to the Social Activities Fund that helped him so much in his rehabilitation. So on 5 July he took part in a J P Morgan corporate running event at Battersea Park and raised an incredible £4,292.50. His fundraising will help fund more vital social outings for patients like him across south west London.

Alex said: “St. George’s Hospital and particularly the Wolfson Neurological Department have been utterly crucial to my recovery. I’ve gone from being an inpatient at St. George’s Hospital - to the outpatient day programme at the Wolfson - to them now helping my phased return back to work. They have been absolutely brilliant. I want to raise money to help others who need their services. I am extremely lucky that my family, M&G colleagues and friends are so happy to help."

Alex took part in the event with his work colleagues and managed to run the whole 5.6km without stopping. He said that thinking of the Wolfson spurred him on to sprint across the finish line.

Lizzie Wilson, Community and Events Fundraiser, said: “Alex has raised an amazing amount which will make such a difference to his fellow patients. We can’t thank him enough for what he has done.”


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