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Meet the Musicians: Catrin Meek

14th September 2018

Catrin is a talented harpist and part of our wonderful team who perform bedside music for patients in St George’s Hospital.  We caught up with her recently to find out a bit more about her role:

Hi Catrin, tell us a bit more about yourself.

I moved to London in 2012 from Merthyr Tydfil, a town in Wales, to study for my Bachelor of Music at the Royal College of Music. I then attended the Royal Academy of Music, and I have recently graduated from there with a Masters, with Distinction.

How did you get involved with Bedside Music at St George’s?

A friend of mine was also a harpist Bedside Musician and always told me how much she loved it. When she left she suggested I take over the role, and as I only live ten minutes away it was perfect! I’ve been here about ten months now.

How would you describe Bedside Music?

There is a team of us and we go to different Wards and Units and play music for patients who have been in hospital for twenty eight days or more. It is calming music that people recognise, we often get requests, and it allows people to relax and de-stress and focus on something other than the treatment they are going through. It is also beneficial for staff as their patients are more relaxed, and they also enjoy listening to the music.

What has been your main highlight from your time at St George’s?

I recently played ‘Someone to watch over me’ for a lady in General Intensive Care. Her son got very emotional and told me how much the song and the experience meant to him and his Mother, and how much happier and calmer he felt. It is moments like that which make me so proud to be a part of the St George’s family.

To find out more about the Arts team, who provide the Bedside Music service, please visit this page.

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