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Alice is running a half marathon to fund the equipment that changed her life!

15th January 2019

Alice Williams, from Ash Vale is taking part in the Surrey Half Marathon in March as a thank you to St George’s Hospital following her treatment for epilepsy.

Along with her husband, Sam, Alice is aiming to complete the half marathon with hopes of raise £1,000 towards a portable EEG, an essential piece of equipment to assist with diagnosing epilepsy. Alice herself has had two hospital stays using the current EEG equipment – one for diagnosis the week before her 18th birthday, and the second for surgery a week before her 21st birthday. She found it invaluable because the machine monitors and captures any abnormal brain activity and seizures, and now St George’s Hospital Charity want to raise enough money so that patients can receive this treatment whilst living everyday life. By providing patients a chance to carry on with their daily routines whilst being monitored, a much truer reflection of their brain activity can be captured.    

In 2012, Alice underwent brain surgery at St George's in an attempt to control her epilepsy. Prior to that, she had been on a significantly high dose of two anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs). Thanks to the Epilepsy Team at St George’s, Alice has now remained seizure free from November 2012, and has been off her epilepsy medication since April 2016.

Alice said: ‘The St George’s Hospital epilepsy team have changed my life. If it wasn't for St George’s, I would still be living each day with the worry of when the next seizure might occur. Thanks to the hospital, my beautiful daughter Savannah was able to grow safely during pregnancy and be delivered without any neuro intervention. For that, I would give the world to help others in a similar situation. I have never been so healthy, happy and humble.’

Mari-Louise White, Community and Events Fundraising Manager for St George’s Hospital Charity, said: “A huge thank you to Alice and Sam for taking on this challenge. It is so lovely that Alice wants to give back to the team that have allowed her to be able to run and live a happy and healthy life. It’s down to the generosity of our supporters that we are able to continue raising vital funds which will have a real impact on both patients and staff.”


To sponsor Alice and Sam, visit their JustGiving page online: www.justgiving.com/Flexifit-Personal-Training.


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